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CARCHEX has been Rated #1 in Vehicle Protection for almost 20 years by the people who matter most… Our Customers

Thousands of 5 star reviews from our customers just like these:

 Linda of Springfield, IL

“I needed an extended coverage for my vehicle as the manufacturer’s warranty I had was running out. CARCHEX was recommended to me. When I purchased my protection plan, their representative was helpful. Having the vehicle protection plan is really valuable and every time I had an issue, the dealership called CARCHEX and they came out, moved in and the work was done.”


“My alternator went out on my 2011 Nissan Maxima. I called CARCHEX to set up a claim within minutes they told me it was covered under warranty. CARCHEX saved me a lot of money!”

 Sharon from Maryland

“My experience with CARCHEX was superb. I contacted them for an extended warranty and they went over everything that I was receiving, explaining thoroughly. I was very satisfied and will recommend them to others.”

 David of Darian, CT

“I just purchased my second extended warranty from CARCHEX because I had such a great experience the first time. My BMW was constantly in the shop and CARCHEX paid the dealership directly for every repair…”


“Warranty coverage is top rate. Advisors are willing to provide feedback to ensure clients purchase exactly what they need. Coverage details are clear and easy to understand…”

 Malik B.

“CARCHEX had all inclusive coverages which I didn’t find in quotes from other companies… I totally recommend this company based on my 2 yr experience with CARCHEX….”

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Lance B. from Loxahatchee, FL

“We have a CARCHEX plan for our 2012 Hyundai Genesis. We have recently had some problems with the vehicle. The power sunroof track broke and the drivers side power mirror broke. We also had a check engine light or (MIL). I dropped the car off at the local Hyundai dealer for the repairs. CARCHEX sent out a inspector to verify the repair. Service writer was given the OK to perform the repair work. The service of CARCHEX exceeded my expectations. Paid my deductible and went on my way. They have backed everything they have put in writing so far to date. My repairs have exceeded more than $1500.00. Thanks CARCHEX!!!!”

 Jonathan W.

“CARCHEX, has been absolutely phenomenal. I purchased the Titanium warranty for my 2007 BMW 750LI back in 2014 from Ken Park. This guy has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I had the warranty for about a year and needed to take the car in for a noise coming from the engine compartment. From the time I dropped the car off at the BMW dealer, they sent out an adjuster and approved the repairs for the car with absolutely NO hassels at all. I spoke with my BMW representative and repairs were done. I did pay for the battery replacement along with my $100 deductible, but that was expected on my end. I have used another company before but this is my first time with this warranty company and my renewal is coming up in a few weeks. I am happy to say that, after such a wonderful experience, I will be renewing, and extending my warranty with them. AAA Service all the way. No, I do not work for them, but with the customer service I have received from them, they are a reflection of what big business should be. The money that is paid for the warranty is only a piece of the transaction. The feeling you get when a company like this goes to bat for you and has your back, is Titanium, just like the coverage on my vehicle. Thanks Ken Regards, Jonathan.”

John S. from Avondale, AZ

“I had one claim and it was handled very well. The Nissan dealer service advisor called CARCHEX and go the ok to make the repair in very short order. I have since bought a policy on my diesel truck.”

 Patricia from FL

“I needed coverage for my car and I spoke to one of the representatives who helped me along the way of getting the coverage I needed for my vehicle. She was polite and explained in detail the options which I needed to have. She helped me set up my account and payment schedule. She was a joy to do business with. Thank you.”

Teddy O. from Jacksonville, FL

“This company provides great service even after the point of sale. I can say they have gone above and beyond to help with a claim.”

 Mary S. of Fort Worth, TX

“I previously had extended coverage with CARCHEX on one of my cars and my experience with them was outstanding. Before that time my extended warranty expired, my specialist, Anthony, started contacting me by e-mail to see if I wanted to get another extension. He kept in touch with me and let me know about the specials. Once, I’ve had some repairs done to the car and I had no problem whatsoever with CARCHEX making the payment. The vehicle protection plan is extremely valuable because the repairs of the cost later depend on what the issue is. I tell my friends how fantastic CARCHEX is.”


“We’ve had all our cars covered for years, cheaper than getting a new car. Never had a problem with the claims, they deliver as advertised.”

 Ron M. of Wake Forest, SC

“CARCHEX had clear warranty description, good customer service on calls, and has been very easy to use with minimal amount of my time required in the warranty process. I’ve had CARCHEX warranties in the past and they’ve exceeded my expectations. They were extremely easy to work with and the pricing for their new warranty was competitive as compared to all the other companies I’ve checked with. There were a couple of complicated repairs on my last car and CARCHEX worked directly with the garages. I’ve had other warranty companies in the past where I had to get involved and steward that warranty interaction. With CARCHEX, it was just as simple as me just writing my deductible check and the work got done.”

Juan A. from Nottingham, MD

“My experience with CARCHEX was an excellent one. I am a return customer, as I had previously purchased a warranty, and had excellent experience with it. My car was always serviced by an authorized brand dealer without questions asked. I believe that the warranty policy I purchased is an excellent value. In the purchase of this new policy I dealt with Mr. D’Aquila, who was extremely professional throughout our discussions. I rate him and his company highly.”


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